found capture at 20120722111746 Sitemap DATES: Seleucid, 4th-3rd C BC; Graeco-Bactrian, 3rd-2nd C BC. (C-14, ceramic, epigraphic, stylistic).

A single period urban site in a naturally fortified position, surrounded by defensive walls and , in places, a ditch. The lower town consists of three distinctive parts: (A) a habitation area to the south, (B) an administration area that includes a palace in the middle, and (C) an almost empty area in the north, with a main street connecting all three. The upper town has a necropolis and an acropolis. Construction is of mud-brick throughout, with columns and some thresholds in stone. Finds include sculptures, terracottas, coins, jewellery, Greek inscriptions, ivory throne fragments, a complete iron suit or armour and two sundials. In the vicinity are remains of many canals.