> Script writer and Director: Wahidullah Ramaq
> Historical Advisor: Nancy Dupree
> Cameraman: Mirwaise Ahmadi
> Actors: Zahra, Hashmat Fanae, Assadullah Tarzai
> Editing&Sound Mixing: Ab. Wali Hamdard, Thierry
> Coordination: Ana Rodriguez, Florent Millesi
> Translation: Mohammad Zia, Sattar Langary, Brendan Cassar

With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Upon returning to a homeland that she has never seen, a young girl finds herself alone in the city of Kabul. When all seems lost she is befriended by a magician who takes her on a magic carpet ride around the monuments and sites of Afghanistan. The girl learns about the history of her country and also of an ensuing battle between good and evil that threatens the heritage of her "Rediscovered homeland".

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